7 Golden Advices at the time of Adversity

7 Golden Advices

1. Tawbah and Istighfār (Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness) – Calamities result from our disobedience to Allāh S. As a result of sincere repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allāh S, not only will one’s sins be forgiven, but one will also be granted safety from the calamities resulting from sins. Nabī s has mentioned, Whoever holds fast to istighfār, Allāh creates a way out for him from every diffi culty, grants him relief from every worry and provides for him from sources he does not even imagine. (Abū Dāwūd)

2. Taqwā (Obedience to Allāh S) – After repenting from all sins, one needs to remain steadfast by obeying Allāh S in all matters. Allāh S mentions, Whoever refrains from disobeying Allāh, He (Allāh S) brings forth a way out for him and provides for him from where he does not even imagine. (65:2-3)

3. Du‘ā (Supplication) – Du‘ā is such a powerful weapon that not only does it remove existing calamities, it also prevents future diffi culties. Nabī s has mentioned in a Ḥadīth, Indeed, du‘ā benefi ts (a person) with regards to what has already befallen and with regards to what has not yet befallen. So hold fast, O servants of Allāh, to du‘ā. (At-Tirmidhī)

4. Ṣadaqah (Charity) – Ṣadaqah is also an effective method of removing existing calamities and preventing future diffi culties. Nabī s has mentioned, Treat your sick through ṣadaqah. (Aṭ-Ṭabarānī) Hasten in giving ṣadaqah, for tribulations cannot get past ṣadaqah. (Aṭ-Ṭabarānī)

5. Ṣabr (Patience) – Exercising patience attracts the Help of Allāh S, which consequently leads to the uplifting of diffi culties. Allāh S says, Surely Allāh is with those who are patient. (2:153)

6. Ṣalāh – Like ṣabr, ṣalāh is also a tool through which a person is able to acquire the Help of Allāh S. Allāh S says, Acquire (the Help of Allāh S) through patience and ṣalāh. (2:45)

7. Dhikr (Remembrance of Allāh S) – The remembrance of Allāh S attracts His Attention. As a result, His Help and Mercy will descend in abundance. Allāh S says in a Al-Ḥadīthul-Qudsī, I am with my servant whenever he remembers Me and his lips move with My remembrance. (Ibn Ḥibbān)